We help businesses use information and  technology  to find new customers, to give great customer experiences and to be more efficient.


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It is estimated that if all UK SME's used information technology more effectively in their business they could generate a combined £18.8 billion of additional revenue every year!  So why are UK businesses missing out on this opportunity?

Whilst almost every business could benefit from better use of information technology, most business owners aren't technology experts and don't want to be. Many think that using technology in business is just having a pc, printer and a website. Others aren't at all sure what information technology could do for them.


With over 25 years experience of designing and implementing software applications and technology products for businesses of all sizes, we understand information technology and business. We are also Google Advertising and Analytics certified. So we know how to use technology and the internet to grow your business,- to find new customers, to give great customer experiences, to save you time and save you money.  We ensure your information technology and digital marketing budgets are spent wisely and help you stay ahead of your competition.


We are not pc, printer and network installers or fixers. We help you use the computers and software you already have (or we recommend and source what you need)  to solve your everyday business problems and realise new opportunities.

We always take time and care to understand your business and we offer only solutions that save you money or grow your business!

We can help you with:

Creating an effective website Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Mobile Apps Design & Development Business Process Automation IT Advice & Training



appnology  (noun) [app-nol-uh-gee]

The creative application of technology and design knowledge for practical purposes, especially in business and industry.

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